Try a BECMI/Rules Cyclopedia Character Sheet? It's Wafer Thin...

So, my first Dungeons & Dragons love is, of course, Moldvay Basic. 

But, to be honest, BECMI via the Rules Cyclopedia* is, hands down, my favorite iteration of the game. That one book, packed with tons of "Basic" goodness, from characters, to magic, to monsters, to a Dungeon Master's Guide, to a mass combat system, to a complete campaign setting(?!), and more, is such an unbelievable artifact. It's a wonder it ever got produced, especially so in a time when breaking products down into smaller, more marketable chunks was TSR's SOP.

Anyway, enough gushing - here's my BECMI character sheet for you - complete with different back pages for basic characters, Magic-Users, Clerics, and Thieves. Enjoy!

Click to download the PDF
Click to download the PDF

* One of the greatest products TSR ever produced - possibly, one of the greatest products ever produced for D&D, period - if you like D&D and haven't already got a copy, do yourself a favor and run over to DMs Guild or Drive Thru RPG and grab a POD copy. It's cheap (compared to the ~$200 you'll drop on the same content for 5E, especially) and more than worth it!


  1. That is a great sheet. Simple, but exactly what I want for my BECMI games. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Tim! And I'm glad to hear it's what you need - I hope you get a lot of good use out of it. :)

  2. Thanks for creating this. :-)


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