A Bevy of Beyond the Supernatural Sheets

 I don't know if anyone out there is still playing Beyond the Supernatural ("BtS"), Palladium's fun* little game of proto-super heroes hunting the paranormal, but I thought I'd share some of the sheets I've been using for the game.

When I was introduced to my new game group and we began our foray into horror/supernatural role playing, we did so with BtS. Shortly thereafter, one of the members of the group introduced me to the first edition of Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic ("B13"). We didn't play it at that time, but we did adopt B13's intricate (and often hilarious) hit location tables for our games of BtS.

We played a bunch of BtS through late '89 and early '90, and had a ton of fun doing so. Then, one day around the middle of 1990, I discovered the recently released new edition of B13. I snapped up the game, and around Halloween of that year, I ran our first game of pure B13. From that session, BtS was retired, and B13 became our go-to game of hunting the supernatural.

Over the years, I've been more than happy with B13. I love the game. But I do recognize its shortcomings, and the more I've spent time looking back at BtS, the more I feel we did the game a disservice by abandoning it so soon. We had hardly scratched the surface of its potential, and many times in the last few years, I've thought we should go back and take a deeper dive into it.

To that end, I've spent some time updating my character sheet and creating other resources for the game, similar to those I made for my B13 campaign. So, without further ado, here we go (click an image to download the PDF):

BtS Character Sheet, this fillable PDF includes one front and two backs -
one for mundane characters and one for psychic- or magic-wielding characters

BtS magic worksheet for magic-using characters

BtS skills summary cheat sheet

BtS adventure recap sheet, for keeping track of the mayhem your PCs get up to

BtS "Crazies & Cultists" sheet, a fillable PDF for keeping track of your NPCs

*And wildly extensible, thanks to its cross-compatibility with almost all of the other Palladium system games. Even before my first BtS session, the game group's existing game master was already mixing in Ninjas & Superspies.


  1. That brings me back.

    1. Hey, Craig! Better than an acid flashback, right? :D It's too bad you don't have any of Les' or your old BTS or B13 character sheets still - I'd love to be able to add them to the archive...


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