There's Nothing Quite Like...

... the joy of putting together a 30-year-old miniature.

I love the smell of nostalgia in the evening.


  1. Wow. Those are some old school 40K minis. I still have a few of those (mostly converted to Nurgle Plague joke).

    1. Trust me, I know - I had two of the first box sets of plastic SMs back in the day (that's 60 marines, IIRC) and the seven painted ones above are all that remain. (The pair of new ones I assembled last night came from two sprues I bought (for waaay too much $$$) last year. I've been debating since then whether to build them or leave them alone. I decided to build half of them, since beakies were two short of a tactical squad.)

      All of my other RTB01 marines were either given away or converted to Chaos - literally (...and given away).


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