The Obligatory Coronavirus Post

Seems like everybody I see is posting about the corononavirus pandemic, whether it's topical to their usual content or not. As an example, I recently received a marketing email from a guitar lesson site with coronavirus in the title. So it must be compulsory and I just didn't get the memo.

Here's my post. The t-shirt may be a joke, but the message isn't: stay safe out there!


  1. I missed out on making a corona virus post! Now it would just be sad to do one.

    I have been blogging and posting a lot more, though. I've actually posted more so far in just January - April this year than I have total for the year since 2014! It's something I can do to help stay sane and avoid the drudgery of work, help daughter with school work, cook and eat dinner, watch a move or TV show, bed, and then repeat, every day. :)

    Cheers! I hope you and yours are doing well. Love to see some more posts from you when you have time!

    1. Thanks, Martin!

      You've been a posting madman lately! You're putting me to shame. :P

      I took an enforced two-week vacation when this all started, and when I wasn't still working (even on vacation I can't get away from it!) I used the time to make a dent in my miniatures Pile of Shame. I'm firmly in miniatures mode right now, with a healthy dose of Call of Cthulhu thrown in, so I haven't had anything to talk about on the blog. And now that I'm back to work (ish), progress has slowed down significantly. Fortunately, though, I should be getting in some games of Strange Aeons soon so I can at least share pics featuring all of the minis I've been working on!

      Stay safe, and I hope you and your loved ones are well!

    2. Hey, first off, I'm glad to hear you're back to work (ish)! That's a small blessing. My wife and I have been very fortunate during all of this so far (knock on wood) that we're both able to work from home (I already did, as I own consulting business that I began more than 11 years ago).

      Yeah, I got into a really bad habit about note posting - when I first starting my blog in 2011, I was posting almost every day, which is a pace that many people still do (Tim over at The Other Side comes to mind), but which I just can't even imagine! I don't know how people post every day with new, fresh content and also get everything else done! But, I got into such a bad habit about not posting, that it began to seem more like a chore, and I was down to roughly maybe one post a month total for the year, which isn't really giving people much reason to visit the blog.

      I struck upon this idea of posting a bunch of old content I'd developed years ago when writing a discarded proposal for a 3.5 era class guide, and not wanting all that work to go to waste, and it spiraled from there. That, plus working on a game/campaign for my daughter and her friends, has definitely sparked my creativity and given me the incentive to write more posts.

      My only gaming lately has been an Acthung! Cthulhu game, using the Savage Worlds "Realms of Cthulhu" game mechanics, and we even did a virtual game a few weeks ago that was pretty fun.

      Post some pics of your miniatures you're working on!

      Cheers, and best to you and your family.


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