Signs of Aerth: Strange Gods Rise

The Wayward Gods no longer influence mortal affairs as they did when the lands were new and the Emperor of Azagyr ruled all. Now, Ancient Azagyr is the Empire of Dust and the way is open for new gods to rise...

In the peaceful lands of Zenon, the people prepare for the Feast of Midsummer. But this year is special: it marks the 50th anniversary of the ascension to the Dragonskull Throne of King Osmun IV, 93rd Dragon King. The midsummer festivities this year are to last a week in celebration of half-century of his glorious rule.

But in the eastern dales, a shadow is stirring. The children of the Crone Goddess, Murtha, directionless and fractured since her sudden departure centuries ago, have organized and begun marauding again. Does some new force direct the goblins, kobolds, and the other creatures born of the darkness and moonlight? Has a new god - a Strange God - risen to take the Crone's place?

The towns and hamlets of the east fall prey almost nightly to attacks, and the Baron's forces are spread so thin that they are unable to adequately defend some of the smaller, more isolated communities. Left without the protection of their Lord, what are the small hamlets to do?

Who will be their champions?