On the Painting Table

Now that the baddies, henchmen, and heroes are done, it's time for a few NPCs - including my not-Acquisitions Incorporated team, circa 2010!

With the addition of the latest dozen kobolds, I now have 20 evil dog-like men to challenge the party - including a kobold wyrmpriest and the kobold king himself!

I also have the heroes painted - Hildy the Crimson Witch and Griswold the Grim - and a trio of town guards and a trio of soldiers to act as allies or henchmen. And the bronze idol of Moloch is complete, as well...

Next up are Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, Binwin Bronzebottom, and Aofel Elhromane, as well as a few other NPCs - and an evil altar.

I've got to say, between the introduction to my process of an airbrush (for priming, base-coating, and sealing) and Citadel Contrast paints, my painting time has dramatically decreased and my enjoyment of painting has dramatically increased. Except for basing (which won't take long, thanks to Vallejo texture gels) I completed 22 models in the time I used to complete 10.

I no longer face my lead/plastic pile with an utter, paralyzing sense of dread.