Look out! It's... oozing?

From a game we played a while back: the heroes watch helplessly as a cube engulfs one of their brave henchmen and makes a beeline for a second. They barely managed to leap out of the way themselves!

I've loved oozes ever since I first got into D&D. Green slime is by far my favorite (it's a monster - not a hazard!) but gelatinous cubes run a hot second. This is why...

Gelatinous cube coming through!


  1. That's a very cool gelatinous cube.
    : )

  2. I know, right?! I debated: do I buy the official D&D gelatinous cube mini or a pack of four acrylic ice cubes... for about half a second. At $6, the ice cubes were a no-brainer. :D


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