Welcome to Your Bureau-Approved B.A.N.E. Kit

Here's a little prop I whipped up for a game of Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic a few years ago.

Our game group were never fans of being government lackeys. We tried the whole "Working for the Man" thing in our first game of B13 and all we got for our troubles were a derailed investigation, a PC with brain damage-induced psionics, and a PC with a blown-off pinky finger and paranoid schizophrenia. The word "disaster" doesn't do that game session justice. In the end, we moved toward playing our B13 PCs as free agents.

But The Bureau still exists in our campaign world, and the PCs have had encounters with it, both good and bad. One such run-in involved the PCs discovering a Cold War-era bunker, within which they found a number of supplies, including four small crates. Each crate contained one of these booklets and the contents listed therein:

Your Bureau 13 B.A.N.E. Kit - don't leave home without it!


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