Against the Lord of the Pit, Part 3: Additional Photos

Here are a few additional action shots from the party's descent into The Tomb of the Frost Giant King:

The pre-game setup

The heroes are beset by zombie guards and wave after wave of specters!

The heroes realize that the specters are being "spawned" from a pair of magical braziers in this large chamber.

The heroes overturn the braziers and explore the room - and find an ironwood coffin adorned with ornate warding runes (which the cleric, Brother Magnus, recognize as a protection from evil-like spell). Within lie the remains of a red-haired warrior woman - including a crown that they will later know to be the Fallen Crown of the Pale.

If you're wondering why the dungeon morphed from 2D tiles to 3D tiles, it's because the adventure was actually played over the course of multiple sessions. At the time of the first session, I didn't own any 3D dungeon tiles. (Having sold all of my Dwarven Forge sets to fund a move several years ago.) But between sessions, I received a large delivery of Dungeonstone* 3D dungeon tiles. Hence the spiffy, new look of the forgotten king's Tomb!

*For those not aware of Dungeonstone, it's a cost-effective alternative to Dwarven Forge. (Or it was - as of this writing, most of the company's stock is sold out - I wonder if it's going out of business.) I'll do a full write-up of it in the future, but the short-and-sweet version is that the cost is extremely affordable, but with that comes a couple of drawbacks.