Against the Lord of the Pit - Meet the PCs: Goroth, the White Wolf

It feels like I'm jumping around a bit in the Against the Lord of the Pit campaign diaries (because I am). It's hard to post these entries in a linear fashion because I'm trying to briefly recap games that are occurring now while also trying to catch up to games we played as far back as last year.

To make matters more confusing, the current campaign is built upon our earlier Keep on the Borderlands campaign (which exists in the current campaign as an alternate timeline). This makes telling the story particularly difficult, as some of the events that are core to the player character of Hildegard ("Hildy") happened in that alternate timeline. Unfortunately, I fell so far behind on the diaries of that campaign that none of these important events have been previously documented.

As a result of this, my campaign diary posts may come across as disjointed, out of synch, and extremely info-dumpy. For this, I apologize deeply.

In an effort to try to make things a bit more understandable, I'm going to provide you with short biographies of the three player characters: Goroth Snowmane, Galerion Silverhart, and Hidegard. Since Hildy's story covers two campaigns spanning more than six years, her entry will be the longest. (Consequently, it will probably also be the last to be posted.) The other two PCs' stories are unfolding as part of the current campaign, so their bios should be fairly brief.

We'll start with Goroth Snowmane.

Goroth, as he appeared 4 levels ago

When the current game group decided to start playing Dungeons & Dragons, it was because my partner missed playing her Moldvay D&D Basic magic user,  Hildy. Our original plan was to take a departure from the deeply immersive role playing our current group had been doing and to play a simple, old-school D&D campaign, comprised of the old standbys of dungeon crawling, monster bashing, and being rewarded for these things in the Monty Haul style.

Since Hildy was a Basic character and our other player is an old school player as well, we decided to stay with Moldvay/Cook B/X D&D. He chose to make his character a Sinewy Barbarian (from the Black Pudding ezine - a treasure trove of old-school awesomeness!). He named him Goroth without much thought; as this was just going to be a kill-monsters, loot-bodies campaign, there wasn't any need to give him a meaningful name and a deep back story. So he just went with a stereotypical, badass-sounding name.

I set the game in Greyhawk, because that's where Hildy's other-life had taken place. (And because I love the map - I could sit and stare at that piece of art for hours and build stroies around its beautifully depicted lands.) So, naturally, since Goroth is a white-haired barbarian, he had to come from the Ice, Snow, or Frost Barbarian lands in the extreme northwest. And since it's obvious that the only true men come from the lands farthest north, that made him an Ice Barbarian.

Goroth's player decided that the character was a cousin to the "royal" family, and if he could establish enough of a name for himself, he could stake a claim to the throne of his homeland. It was for this reasoned that he journeyed into the south, looking for adventure.

And that's how Goroth found himself in the Keep on the Borderlands. I've already recounted the story of how Hildy wound up in his bed (purely in the literal sense).

In the next Meet the PCs post, we'll meet Galerion, the tragic elf lord, Hope of Galenorn.


  1. Great stuff! Really enjoying these.

    Lately I've been really interested in wanting to play more, as well as just create more stuff in general. Reading your posts is helping fuel that!

  2. Thanks, Martin!

    It means a lot to me when people tell me they get inspiration/motivation from my posts. I'm happy to provide the fuel, and I can't wait to see what you create with it! :D


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