What I Did This Weekend

On Saturday, I introduced some new friends to an old one: Beyond the Supernatural:

It took a while to get through character creation (partly because of the system, partly due to the fact that we can't keep from going off on wild tangents when we get together) but once the game began, the pace never slowed. (That's one of the things I love about BTS: there's plenty of room for role playing and  action.)

This session saw four monster hunters go in search of a fellow hunter who'd gone missing: Fred Carter.

While on Carter's trail, they've traveled over most of the continental U.S., gotten into a melee with a couple of alligator-men, and were nearly blown up. When we left them, they had just come under attack by even more gator-men. The team's currently split up, battered, singed, and possibly outnumbered by upright-walking gators who can use weapons and are extremely hard to kill.

What will happen next session? Will they all make it out of the coming fight alive? Stay tuned...

. . . . .


  1. Are you using 1st or 2nd edition BTS? I always liked the idea of the 'Victims' game in the 1st edition and wished they had expanded on it. It has been a long time since I've played BTS. The closest that I came to recently was running Wujcik's 'The Randolph Family Mansion' using Risus as a solo scenario for my wife.

    1. I'm totally a first edition guy - second edition had promise, but the fact that they left us hanging with essentially half a game killed it for me.

      I've never tried running a victim-level game (or, "fighting monsters with a stubby pencil," as a friend of mine puts it) but my old group's other primary GM did so before I joined, I believe, with some success. Maybe, if the current group takes to playing the game regularly beyond October (Michael, are you reading this?), we'll give it a try...


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