Scanning Project: M.U. Corman Tech Building

Here's another old map/floor plan from ages ago.

If I recall correctly, I drew this one up while watching Re-Animator on videotape, rented from the video store right after it was released to video. (If you're of a certain age, the latter half of that sentence may confuse you. Come to think of it, the former half might, as well.) I loved the movie and wanted to throw a version of the story into my Call of Cthulhu/Chill/Villains & Vigilantes mash-up. (This never saw use in those games, but it did finally get used a few years later, during my Beyond the Supernatural campaign.)

So, I drew up a map of what I thought Arkham and its envrions should look like (which I'll share later) and this, the "modern" sciences building of my version of Miskatonic University: the Corman Tech building.

(And yes, the building's name is a nod to the director of some of my all-time favorite films.)