Pulp Magazine Covers from beyond Tomorrow

THIS is a brilliant-but-evil (in a time wasting sense) thing. You must go play with it NOW

. . . . . .


  1. Well, there goes a whole afternoon.

  2. Man, you beat me to it AGAIN! This is in my blog queue ready to go out. :)

    This did seem right up your alley once I saw it yesterday.

  3. @BV: I warned you it was evil! If I hadn't had errands to run today, I'm certain I'd still be churning out pulp covers at this very moment.

  4. @Martin: LOL - You know, I thought of you after finding this on the Lead Adventure Forum this morning, and again as I was posting this, but I figured the odds were pretty low that I'd be scooping one of your Pulp Monday posts. There I go thinking again. :P Maybe we need to implement some sort of post vetting process to avoid future mishaps. LOL


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