An Open Letter to the Impending New Year

Here it goes:
Dear Coming New Year (this means you, 2012),

You better not suck like your predecessor, 2011, did. Not even close. If you even think about sucking that bad, you better pray you are the herald of end times the weirdos some people claim you are.

You have been warned.

This was inspired by a quote on the Malavon blog:
Let's just say I'd like to take 2011 out in the yard and shoot it in the head!
Amen, brother!

Actually, I'd like to take it out in the yard, shoot it in both kneecaps, kick it around a little, and then shoot it in the head.

. . . . .


  1. A little bitter about 2011 are we?

  2. 2011 hasn't been without it's suck moments. My oldest daughter's disability right out of high school and the Army deciding she didn't have enough time in for it to really be their problem, plus my wife losing her job and not being able to find another one that would pay as much as unemployment does are key low points. But at least I have a middling successful OSR blog, a 15 year old minivan to drive and I haven't lost my property to taxes, so that's something. I am better off than some people I know, worse off than others. Times are tough all over, but I think we can all agree 2011 has been a pretty crap year.

  3. Well, Anonymous from California, let's weigh the good versus the bad:

    Good Stuff that Happened in 2011:

    1. ... thinking... hang on... okay, we'll get back to this.

    Bad Stuff that Happened in 2011:

    1. Borrowed car blew head gasket, cost me $$$ I didn't have (after many previous sudden repairs, that also cost me lots of $$$ I didn't have) and much stress in the form of still-lingering enmity from a family member who somehow thinks it's my fault.

    2. Got sick suddenly, enjoyed wonderful ambulance ride to joyful stay in the hospital, both of which cost me $$$ I didn't have and much stress.

    3. Had my credit card numbers stolen; cost me $$$ I didn't have and much stress.

    4. Have had wave after wave of family sicknesses, financial setbacks, employment hassles, etc., all of which either cost me $$$ I didn't have, caused much stress, or both.

    5. Have had to sell off my most valuable gaming possessions a little at a time to pay for the $$$ I didn't have, and even that resulted in one person trying to scam me for non-delivery and another for an allegedly unauthorized purchase. (Here's a trick: if you don't want to pay for something, just tell your credit card people it was an unauthorized payment. Not only will you get your money back, but you'll get to keep the item. Even if the seller has proof it was delivered to you, not to some unauthorized buyer. Human race is lousy with fucking scumbags, let me tell you...) Both cost me $$$ I didn't have in overdraft fees for reversed funds and months of stress.

    6. Oh, and last but not least, I get to end the year with a bang: My brand-spanking-new WoW account gets hacked, a few days after I pay to upgrade it, and the same day I pay for my month of service. Now, my one current avenue of mindless stress relief has been closed for "exploitative activity." So the few measly $$$ I had to spend on it are wasted, and my method of stress relief has become instead another source of stress. Yay! Happy Fucking New Year!

    So, back to the good stuff:

    1. I didn't die, nor did any of my loved ones.

    2. I have a place to live - for now.

    3. I have a job - for now. (That one I wonder about every day. They've systematically stripped the IT department of employees, including my boss - and replaced them with consultants who happen to be led by the son of the last-remaining full member of IT. I'm only a half-IT department employee now, but how long before they can me and replace me with someone else's relative?)

    So there you have it - good v. bad. If the upcoming holiday were Thanksgiving, this list would be acceptable. But for tallying a year of experiences? 2011 can suck it. Oh, and to all the scumbags, assholes, and selfish dick-wads who caused me so much grief and misery this year: Go fuck yourselves. I hope you get what's coming to you in 2012.

    So answer your question, Anonymous: yeah, maybe just a little bitter.

  4. @Will: Sorry to hear you're in a similar boat. I'm sure 2012 can be as bad - or even worse, but I will remain optimistic. Here's hoping.


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