My 4E Stormbringer character sheets - let me show you them

Back to a happier topic than my potential case of clinical depression: Stormbringer.

Still no major discovery in the "Bizarre Case of the Mismatched Rule Books." (Although my strong leaning is toward my newer copy being a crappy POD reprint.) But here for you enjoyment are a couple of slightly modified* Stormbringer 4E character sheet replicas - one for your anti-heroes, another for your anti-heroines:

Unisex character sheet back:
*The main change being the addition of the hit locations section - I plan on using the hit location rules from Cthulhu Now.
. . . . .


  1. Sweet sheets. I see this edition included the ill-conceived "Free INT" rule that caused such mischief in RQ3. It should have made it into Murphy's Rules since it allowed a novice magician to cast a more powerful spell than a veteran wizard.

  2. BTW, I did inspect the last page of my Stormbringer 4th edition. It has the classification of poisons, plant lore skills and resistance tables, and on the flip side it is a black and white map of the Young Kingdoms. The last 6 pages have the ability to be torn out. I don't see any evidence of glue or tear marks where a map could have sat. I did notice that the binding seems a bit floppy between the last 6 pages of the book and the regular text so it is possible that there was a nice fold out map that I didn't get. I also purchased Stormbringer 5th ed, but I didn't get a nice fold out map with that edition either.

  3. Very cool, Caliban - thanks for the link back! And hope you get tons of use from the sheets!

  4. Thanks, Christopher, already have...


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