Argh!!! Save v. Exploding Cranium or Die! (A Plea for Help)

I think I'm about to blow the roll... goggles down! Maybe someone with a better memory than myself can help me keep my brains from being splashed all over the furniture:

Some time ago (meaning more than a week but less than a year) I was perusing a fellow blogger's posts and came across a nifty table of (I think) 30 strange/odd/unique character back stories or origins. Amongst these was one along the lines of "your character's body is not your own" or "you stole the body you're currently in." I had the page bookmarked, but semi-recently had to reformat my PC and forgot to save my bookmarks. (D'oh!) I've spent the better part of the last three hours exercising my expert Google Fu in a desperate search for the page, but to absolutely no avail...

Does this ring a bell with anybody? Please say it does. My fiancee will appreciate it when she doesn't have to try to scrub grey matter out of the sofa cushions.

Edit: Thanks to Art Braune, the half-remembered post has been found at Like Being Read To From Dictionaries. Thanks, Art!

. . . . .


  1. The only thing this reminds me of is one entry in my PDF: "you' are a clever goblin masterfully disguised 
    as an ugly halfling; you own sturdy studded 
    leather armor made by goblins, a sling stolen 
    from a halfling shepherd and an elven short 
    sword with incomprehensible silver runes."


    If it's not these, then do search Beyond the Black Gate - he's got a shedload of good random tables.

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  4. @Daddy G: I had planned on incorporating the smaller table I've lost track off into BtBG's very cool table, but unfortunately that's not the one I'm looking for. And BtBG was the first place I went looking.

    @Alex S: Nope - it was definitely a body theft entry. But I do think that one's got potential.

    Thanks for playing, guys. We have some lovely parting gifts. Well... maybe not. Sorry. :P

  5. @Alex S.

    Is that short sword constantly glowing?


  7. @artbraune: That's not the one I was looking for, either. But damn! If that isn't a brilliant list! Thanks for directing me to it. I'll be sure to include that in my next warped fantasy game. :D

  8. I think this is the one you were looking for...

  9. @artbraune for the win! Too bad I'd already begun the campaign in which I'd planned to use this (and ended up with some amusing character backgrounds and hidden natures). Then again, the first session failed (I think the players were all expecting Yet Another Tolkien-esque Fantasy Campaign) so a reboot may be in order...


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