More Captcha-Inspired Henchmen (Order of the D30)

Sorry, I just couldn't stop at 30. Here's another list of misfitted minions:
  1. Loghfu - He's deadly when wielding firewood.
  2. Heetmed - He's a little dyslexic and a lot dumb.
  3. Obulent - What? It's a perfectly promulent name.
  4. Nutjahb - He's not crazy - his mother had him tested.
  5. Prias - Between meals, he can walk twice as far as any other henchmen.
  6. Cherrip - His pants have tears at the top of each pant leg. You don't want to be behind him when he bends over.
  7. Soccineye - He's a little confrontational, and every argument ends the same way.
  8. Ozoan - She's just a little spacey.
  9. Gyrojigli - She's out to prove that there's nothing wrong with heavy belly dancers.
  10. Subhort - If your fellow PC's are cohorts, this is a perfect name for a henchman.
  11. Uriastoses - I don't know what it is or how he caught it, but it doesn't sound like fun. "God, my penis hurts when I urinate."
  12. Biltslo - He's a loyal henchman, but don't let him set up the tent - you'll be waiting all night.
  13. Tredo - He has a "thing" for saplings.
  14. Miasmer - He's surrounded by a perpetual cloud of stink. Keep him away from the pork and beans.
  15. Dismor - Keep him away from any depressed party members, lest they become suicidal. "It'll rain, I shouldn't wonder."
  16. Mingdula - She henches to pay her way through med school, so she can become a brain chirurgeon. "It's right below the cerabulum, which is near the omnipitol globe."
  17. Arthur - He henches to pay for part-time accounting classes. His battle cry: "Not the face! Not the face!"
  18. Seisit - He moonlights as a motivational speaker.
  19. Outamybloni - He's very protective of his lunch meats.
  20. Phertawl - Keep your less chaste party members away from her, unless they want children.
  21. Explorco - He keeps pitching his plan to create an LLC and turn the party into a franchise.
  22. Bermen - Explorco's partner, has plans to expand the franchise until people are so sick of it that they're ready to puke at the mere mention of its name.
  23. Whaman - He has a tendency to repeat the last syllable of each sentence. Be sure to wake him up before you go go.
  24. Tonibazl - She's too old to dress like that, and she has a stalkerific thing for some guy named "Mickey."
  25. Undic - He's an abrasive henchman from France.
  26. Amega - He was once more popular than his father, the Commodore, and his grandfather, Vic, but has since become obsolete in the henching field.
  27. Hemshic - He has some fabulous ideas to modernize the party's "drab and lifeless ensembles."
  28. Ploshie - He always wears furry animal skins, and has a "thing" for others who do the same.
  29. Imaterd - Sorry, my brain froze on this one; believe it or not, that's a letter-for-letter lift from Captcha.
  30. Deend - Dat's it - dat's all she wrote.

. . . . .


  1. I love these lists. I had noticed how interesting words were popping up for captcha...I'm putting some of these guys to work :)

  2. Glad you like them - I hope you get a lot good use out of them. :D

  3. These are SO funny! It was very hard not to guffaw loudly sitting here amidst a sea of cubicles... I nearly lost it at number 29.

    Definitely going to use these for NPC henchmen at a Con game.

    Hmm, and I see my captcha for this comment is...

    Honabli - she wanted to be a paladin but couldn't enunciate her oath properly


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