Can I Use This As a Reference When Contacting a Publisher?

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


  1. I got Douglas Adams, which made me very happy. Then I did it again with another piece of writing and got Stephenie Meyer... I will never visit that site ever again.

  2. Fun link.

    I got Dan (Da Vinci Code) Brown but other writing brought up J.R.R. Tolkien and Ursala K. LeGuin. I guess the verdict is still up in the air. I wonder if it's based more on subject matter and less style?

  3. The first time it gave me some guy I've never heard of. The second time it gave me Harry Harrison. Awesome!

  4. I think not. It rated different pieces of mine as Nabokov, LeGuin, Joyce, and Dan Brown, and Stephanie Meyer. Now granted I am honing my style, but seriously?

    A cute little exercise that I would wonder what it would do with a couple of paragraphs of Hemingway.

    I think if I put in a few from Meyer it would shut down the internet. :)

  5. Interesting, also I forgot Wodehouse.

    I also put in a piece I wrote in 1992 that gave me Stephen King--A period of time where King was just about all I read.

    Maybe there is something to it?

  6. You just did contact a publisher!

    (it's run by a vanity publisher using it to get links so google'll give them a higher rank, and sell dubious ebooks of "advice" -

  7. Here I am hoping for Lovecraft or King, but the pieces I entered gave me Joyce and James Fenimore Cooper. Not that I don't mind being told I write like these luminaries, mind you.

    I was therefore thinking this thing must be completely random, so I pasted in the entirety of CAS' "The Abominations of Yondo." Turns out, CAS writes (or wrote) like H.P. Lovecraft. So maybe it's not so random after all.

    I'd wager money that most of the analysis comes down to word choice.


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