You Gotta Give the Other Fella Hell

Here's a map from the scanning project that I originally made for use with Top Secret/S.I.. I think I drew this back in the mid-90's after watching True Lies for the umteenth time. It's a subterranean operations center for your PC's clandestine organization. Of course, this could also be an enemy operations center the PC's need to infiltrate. (Good luck with that.)

. . . . .


  1. I'm loving all this Top Secret goodness!

  2. This would make a great superhero HQ.
    And these maps would be good material for a cyberpunk game, too. Fab stuff.

  3. And again with the maps!

    Why have I been wasting my posts on Palladium when I could be delving into my own Top Secret past!

  4. Glad everybody's liking the Top Secret stuff. :D

    @Jerry: Funny you should say that: this map never made an appearance in my TS/SI game - but it did figure into my Villains & Vigilantes game. I guess there's not much distance of imagination between games like TS/SI and V&V. (As evidenced by TSR's FREELancers books for TS/SI.)

    @JB: There's nothing wrong with a little Palladium. Oh, and be sure to check out today's post.


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