The Ghouls All Came from Their Humble Abodes

Here's another post in - ahem - the spirit of the season: a scenario I whipped up for a recent session of Call of Cthulhu: In the deep woods of northern Massachusetts, the PC's (or, since this is CoC, the "investigators") are about to become embroiled in a family's dark and deadly secret... will they survive the "Horror of Halloran House?"

(A few caveats: There are no stats given for the antagonists in this scenario, but you should be able to pull everything you need from the CoC rulebook - I did! Also, I had to pull the floorplans of Halloran House from the document, since they were modified versions of something I took from one of Chaosium's supplements.)

Click here to download the "Horror of Halloran House" in PDF.

Check out these links if you're in need of third-edition character sheets or minion master sheets.


  1. Nice. You had the hair on my neck standing on end by end of the third paragraph.

    The Dungeon World stuff is also very good. I liked the tectonic activity with the Wyrmspines and the consequences it had to Hullbite Bay. Nicely done.

    I hope all things in the real world are beginning to look up.


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