Now on The Escapist: Welcome to the Dungeon

As of yesterday, I'm officially a contributor to The Escapist's new column, "Days of High Adventure." My first entry is an introduction to "Dungeon World," the game setting I'll be developing for future installments of the column.

For those of you not in the know, The Escapist is a popular online magazine and community primarily focused on video games and video gamer culture. "Days of High Adventure," however, is a column dedicated to old school tabletop role-playing. Fellow contributors include Allen Varney, Monte Cook, and our very own "diabolical leader," James Maliszewski. (How I had the good fortune to be called upon to write a column alongside names like these, I'll never understand.) It's an amazing opportunity for not just myself, but for the old school universe in general. To have some of the game industry's prominent writers (and me!) spreading the gospel of old school in such a forum must surely be a good thing.
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  1. Awesome!
    (and, I always love 'Zero Punctuation' on that site)
    Rock on!

  2. Hi Eggian indeed! If the one-hundred-and-thirty-seven cannot fully fathom it, other than a few scant words, what chance does that give me?

    Must pore over my ancient high-Eggian tome tonight, perhaps I will have an epiphany.

  3. I saw that. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations on the gig! Keep spreading the gospel, brother...

  5. This is great news! Especially given the fact that so much of the content is focused on electronic forms of entertainment. I hope your contributions will remind people of the joys of old school gaming and perhaps introduce the experience to those that might have overlooked or skipped over P&P pastimes.

  6. I discovered your blog through the escapist. great blog! love the focus! keep it up! grognards and munchkins ho!!


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