Seventies Flashback Saturday

I heard a radio interview with one of the members of Blue Oyster Cult yesterday (I guess they're doing a show nearby today) and it left me with a fever, the only cure for which is: more cowbell!


  1. All that video needs is Will Ferrell.

  2. They play out here in the Northwest a lot, so they must be on a severe downward spiral.

    I do know a guy who is such a Blue Oyster Cult fan that he doesn't recognize other bands unless they are side projects of members of BOC. He bought a bass and asked me to teach him a few basics and when I started in on Iron Man he freaked out.

  3. Needs more cowbell.

    Well, and less 70's.

  4. No updates in over a week?

    I need my "Scanning Project" fix! Stat!

  5. Saw BOC at the Emerald Queen Casino a couple years back...they completely rocked. For my money, though, I gotta' say I prefer "Godzilla" over "the Reaper."

    : )

    Word Verification: STOMPIT!

  6. Thanks for the more cowbell reference, I had the neighbors roaring with laughter after we found the SNL clip on youtube.

    "I've got a fever..."


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