Scanning Project: Sacked Monastery (One-page Dungeon)

While digging through my old Dungeons & Dragons folders looking for cool stuff to post, I stumbled across this map: a monastery and repository of knowledge that's been sacked by a Big Bad and his horde of minions.

I recall running this adventure during my first-edition AD&D campaign, circa 1989 or 1990. The map, I think, may be a little bit older - but I'm not sure.

In the adventure, the PC's were on a quest to uncover the location of several artifact swords, and that quest led them to this location: a monastery (built into the side of a mountain) that also served as the oldest library in the land, holding knowledge that extended back in history for hundreds of (human) generations. Unfortunately, the place had recently been attacked by an evil wizard, Eregul, who had set up camp within - accompanied by his pet dragon and his humanoid horde. (The stats for the orc horde are on the map - but you'll have to provide your own evil magic-user and his scaly pet if you want to use this dungeon to maim - er, entertain your players.)

. . . . .


  1. Nice map! What's on level 'E'?

  2. "What's on level 'E'?"

    Good question! I must have had something special hidden down there, but since it's not written on the map and it's been almost 20 years since I ran the adventure, I have no clue what was lurking down there. Musta' been something cool enough to rate its own level, though. :P

    BTW, glad you like the map. :D

  3. I must say your style of dungeon adventure is excellent. Just the minimum amount of stuff to communicate the minimum stuff needed to run a dungeon. Excellent indeed. I am so going to do all of my dungeon stuff the way you do. Thanks for sharing...

  4. Thanks, LLC. I've always been a bit of a minimalist when it comes to designing adventures. I'm happy to have served as inspiration!


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