Let's Get the Party Started!

I was playing around with the new auto-filling Basic D&D sheet and came up with a few, um, colorful characters. I thought it might be fun to use the sheet to create a 1st-level party to share here. Here are the first two (of six) party members: Rophyd the Stingy (fighter) and Undle the Irate (cleric):

(BTW: The portraits are clipart - I unfortunately have not had the time to develop my figure drawing skills to that level.)
. . . . .


  1. They might be clip art, but they do feel as if they were rendered specifically for this sheet design.

    They fit perfectly.

  2. Would you mind sharing the source of this clipart?

    (Word verification: briseneo - obviously the name of the cowardly elf that you're going to post next...)

  3. @KingUnicorn: That's exactly what I thought when I found them. I just wish there had been more poses of each "character."

    @Chgowiz: To be honest, Mike, part of me wants to be completely selfish and not divulge where these came from. (I even hesitated to use them for the sheets. :P) But I'm not that big a jackass, so here it is: clipart.com They're so cool and the service is so reasonably priced (relative to other stock services), I expect I'll be seeing these things all over the place. :D

    (Was it that obvious that I was holding the elf in rserve? :P)

  4. @Chris - I completely understand and thank you for sharing. I'm not sure I have an immediate need for them, but it's nice to have options. You've certainly really captured a KotDT feel with your sheets, I love it!

    And yes... veeery obvious. Wonder where that Dwarf is?

  5. @Mike: You'll just have to wait 'til tomorrow for the dwarf and the elf. :P I saved them for last because I thought they were the most amusing of the bunch, based on the combination of their names, descriptions, stats, and portraits. (IMHO - YMMV) :D

    (No halfling in this lot - sorry.)


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