Coming Soon: A Swords & Wizardry Campaign Setting

The brain cells have been burning lately with my latest obsession: putting together a home-brew campaign setting for Swords & Wizardry, tentatively titled Dark World.

I've been mentally compiling the various bits and pieces that I want to include in my "sandbox" world, with inspiration coming from a wide range of sources (including - but not limited to - Howard, Lovecraft, Smith, Moorcock, Thundarr the Barbarian, The Pirates of Darkwater, etc.). I've dropped these into the cauldron that is my imagination, and am letting them stew there to see what bubbles up. Watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, I've tweaked my Swords & Wizardry character sheet for use in the Dark World. This will probably morph a bit more before settling into its final form, but here's the first pass for your consumption:


  1. Very cool! I look forward to the updates as this progresses. Since you enjoy the Thundarr stuff, check out his close relatives, "Blackstar" and "Herculoids" for more grand science&sorcery cheese!:)

  2. You had me at "Thundarr." Might I suggest firewhales? ;)

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  4. Great sheet! I could see myself using this for S&W or D&D even though I'd be using my own homebrew setting.

  5. The more, the merrier. :)
    Looking forward to this.

  6. Sounds cool.

    Once upon a time I had grand plans for a S&W/SciFi mash-up sort of like John Carter of Mars meets Gamma World.

    But there are some really awesome looking projects already well under way in a somewhat similar vein, and I think I'll just enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor for a change.

  7. Thanks, all, for the interest and votes of confidence!

    @Al: Oh, yes - count the Herculoids amongst the "etc." sources of inspiration.

    @Tim: Firehwales will be there in spirit, if not in the flesh. :P

    @Superhero Necromancer: I may just strip out the Dark World logo to make a non-setting-specific S&W sheet in this style. If there's any interest, that is.

    @Timeshadows: The more the merrier, indeed! :)

    @Lord Kilgore: As much as I love feeding on the fruits of others' labor, I always seem to need my own basket, if you know what I mean. :P

  8. I very much like crossed weapons into AC/HP/TH trifecta!

    But IMHO the money and experience graphics are crowded/busy and subtract from the overall awesomeness. The rest of the sheet is totally Boss!

    And is the background of your blog new? or have I just never widened my browser enough to see it? Either way it's big A Awesome.

  9. @Kilgore: & to think I put-off publishing my Red-planet setting in the Urutsk system. Nekkid swordsmen leaping from Flyers into the mass-melee, Lathite blades slicing through the cowards' armour like a hot knife through butter...

    @Norman: New to the very best of my knowledge.

  10. @Norman: Thanks.:) In regards to the cluttered look, since I started with my old S&W sheet, I actually felt this one was practically free of clutter. :P

    And, yes, the background is new. Glad you like!

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