Scanning Project: More Stormbringer Goodness

An interested reader commented on yesterday's post (re: The Spire of Woes) that it would have been nice to see the BRP (as in Basic Role Playing - Chaosium's awesome house system) stats for the residents of the Spire. Not being one to disappoint his readership, I spent some time scanning my early 90's Stormbringer material last night.

Up first is the sheet detailing the original NPC's to be encountered within the Spire:

I also scanned the Young Kingdoms map we used to track the adventures of Drovis Longstem (my friend Terry's character). Drovis had a long, illustrious career, befriending myriad people and creatures, allying himself with chaos demons, and running afoul of demons, demigods, and their cults. (You'll note a couple of references to Dagon in the map notes; I made liberal use of my Call of Cthulhu books in my Stormbringer campaign, and this Dagon is none other than Father Dagon. Drovis is probably the only character crazy enough to attack Dagon with nothing more than a dagger - albeit a magical one.)

(In case you're wondering, the skull-and-bones on the map don't indicate character deaths. They represent sunken ships from Drovis' merchant fleet. Seems he was forever losing ships...)
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  1. That's totally cool. And the Dr. Who reference with the Horror at Fang Rock is great.

  2. I like the place in the Forest of Troos that is literally named (dot)Org.

  3. @Timeshadows: You're welcome! :D

    @Jerry: Thanks - Terry and I both loved Tom Baker's Who. Too bad I can't remember what that particular game was about. :P

    @Anonymous: You have Michael Moorcock to thank for that - I just play here. :)

  4. I love that map from the Stormbringer game. It makes me want to play.

  5. @Dyson: I know what you mean: I've been longingly perusing my fourth-edition Stormbringer rulebook since I started putting up these Stormbringer posts. I got so much inspiration from just looking at that map of the Young Kingdoms back in the day - it seems to still have that effect on me today...


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