Scanning Project: Look - It's a Two-Fer!

Today's post on the topic of one-page dungeons takes us outside the dungeon, to a pair of maps intended to be used as wilderness-based adventure locations for spur-of-the-moment encounters or brief interludes in the normal game.

These two locations are very similar - both showcasing a troll's lair and its immediate environs. The first was created for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but later had stats added for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons:

The second map shows more of the area surrounding the cave, and includes a couple more potential adventure sites. It was created to serve as an introduction to new PC's in Warhammer Quest Roleplay, as reflected by the stat table:

. . . . .


  1. I really dig seeing other peoples maps and stuff.

    The different methods, design, style each person uses is cool.

  2. @Timeshadows: I know - spiffy, huh? ;)

    @Norman Harman: I completely agree - I wish more people would post their old stuff.


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