Scanning Project: The Hamlet of Bensham and The Haunted Temple

Between Web servers behaving badly, ordering systems being taken offline for inventory, and a database server being struck by lightning (and taking down a Web site along with it), I'm a little busier than usual today.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to make my readers suffer! Here's another location for you: The Hamlet of Bensham. A quiet farming community in the middle of nowhere, Bensham's the perfect spot for new characters to begin their careers as adventurers. There's even a nearby ruined temple, once dedicated to an evil god but now fallen into decay - and rumored to be haunted!

The Hamlet of Bensham and The Haunted Temple are unkeyed locations, so they can be used with basically any fantasy game. They're just waiting for you to drop in your own custom encounters.

. . . . .


  1. Both maps are awesome. Again, you put my mapping project to shame. Nice.

  2. @Khouni: Thanks!

    @Dyson: Thanks. And you're kidding me, right? Your maps are amazing - I thought Lair of the Frogs was too cool for words. :D


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