Care For Another Magic Mushroom? They're Wafer Thin...

Our week-long journey down One-page Dungeon Lane concludes today with this: my entry into the "One Page Dungeon Contest."

Although recently updated to meet the OPDC requirements (everything on one page, edition-neutral), I originally scribbled the map for this dungeon in the early 90's on a piece of notepad paper (during a boring college lecture). I later expanded it by adding another section, and even later created a three- or four-page key to the dungeon.

But I don't think it ever got played. It just sat there in my game folder, staring up at me with those sad, puppy-dog eyes every time I went looking for a dungeon to mangle my players with - er, I mean run my players through.

Anyway, when the OPDC was announced, I really had no intention of entering. But when I was looking over this forgotten gem for possible inclusion in my scanning project, it struck me just how neat it would be to turn it into a one-pager. I'll let you decide if I was right or wrong.

For your enjoyment, allow me to present The Gray Goblin Warrens:

(BTW: You can find a list of the OPDC entrants here, along with links to many of the other entries. From what I've seen so far, my little dungeon is in very good company - and facing some serious competition.)
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  1. @Timeshadows: You're welcome!

    @lokipan: Thanks!

    @E.G.Palmer: And perhaps a hose? LOL

  2. I just wanted to add a thanks -- I've really been enjoying your one page dungeon and scanning project posts.

  3. @Superhero Necromancer: You're welcome as well - I'm just glad folks are enjoying this old stuff. (It's a far sight better than letting sit in storage, doing little more than collecting dust and/or slowly decaying.)

  4. Hi Christopher. Happy Thank a Free RPG Publisher Day! I just wanted to thank you for contributing this module. It provided at least a month's worth of session material for my players and provided the first (and only, so far) dragon that the PCs have seen. They wisely decided to keep their distance. Thanks for making this available!

  5. I used this dungeon in the Adventurer round of the Adventurer Conqueror King event at Gary Con this year and it was a huge hit! Could I get your blessing to make it available with ACKS-converted stats to folks who want to run demos at their local game stores?

  6. Hi Tavis - glad to hear it went over well! By all means, please covert away. (Just don't take out the attribution under the title, please. It's the closest I'll ever get to being a celebrity. :P) And be sure to let me know where to get a copy of the conversion when you're done. :D

  7. BTW, I meant "convert" not "covert." I'm not even sure you can use covert as a verb, but if so, you have my blessing to do that, also.

  8. It will be a non-covert conversion, attributed as per the OPD entry - "Created by C. Brackett" - and also with a link to this post, if that's OK. I'll send you a copy for sure, and an ACKS PDF if you don't have one already!

    Do you still have the raw layout or image files for the map? I'm thinking a two-page (or one facing-page spread) format might let me get the ACKS stats in with the key most elegantly.

  9. If you want to give me your email address, I'll send you a link to download a copy of the map without background, room key and tables text, or a Photoshop file of the map w/ separate text layers, if you like - just let me know what works for you.

    And as it happens, I do not have a copy of ACKS, although I'd love to have one. :)


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