Gee, I Wish We Had One of Them Doomsday Machines

Sorry for the dearth of posts - I seem to have become unexpectedly busy lately.

So, to make it up to you, here's a nifty little Gamma World hex-map I've had kicking around for about 12 years. Granted, this is a more polished version of the original, but since the original consisted of only a coastline and four or five locations, I didn't figure I'd hear much complaining.


(Note: You'll no doubt notice that this map uses some strange lettering. If you'd like, I'll post a guide to the "gammabet.")
. . . . .


  1. Now the Metallica cover of "Green Hell" is going to be in my head tonight.

    Cool map!

  2. @Chgowiz: Thanks.. and sorry. :P

    @Timeshadows: Thanks :D

  3. @Chris - I'm really curious if you had the Misfits or Metallica in mind when you laid that map down. My monies on the former, but I was more the metalhead than punk.

  4. @Chgowiz: Sorry to disappoint, but I was channeling neither when I named the northwestern jungle. If anything, I had in mind the old movie with Douglas Fairbanks.

    As for the song, I can pretty much guarantee I've never heard the Metallica version, unless it was on ...And Justice for All, which is the only pre-"black album" Metallica I own. If I heard the Misfits version, I wouldn't have known it: the only Misfits stuff I had was decades ago, and I had no titles; it was a bootleg cassette - as was most of my punk collection. :P (Oddly enough, despite the obvious local punk vs. metal scene, I've always loved Iron Maiden/Sabbath/King Diamond as much as I loved the Sex Pistols/Dead Kennedys/Ramones. I never saw the reasoning behind putting yourself in a box like my punk friends did...

  5. Never heard of that movie. Sounds very interesting.

    I was mainly a metalhead, but I listened to a great deal of British New Wave and punk and blues. I was never popular enough to get put into a box. :D I just stayed in the computer lab and at the gaming tables.

  6. @Chgowiz: Yeah, I have to agree that lack of popularity can be very freeing... Since I was shunned by most of my peers, I made friends with whomever I wanted, listened to whatever music I wanted, and my style was very much my own. The need for conformity and the hassle of peer pressure have never been issues with me. :P


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