Old School Movement Takes It to the Streets

Found this article on CNN this morning:

(CNN) A pack of protesters gathered at the village park in North Hakenslach, Minnesota this morning, braving the frigid weather to stand up for the rights of, as one protester put it, "old school gamers everywhere."

The seven people, each one hailing from different locales such as Texas, Chicago, and even as distant as Ontario, Canada, carried signs, beat a drum, and shouted pro-"old school" slogans to show their solidarity, and to raise awareness for their cause.

"People need to be made aware that there are more of us around than they think," said Jim Grognardi, the group's unofficial spokesperson. "Beneath the thin veneer of today's gaming populace is a much larger, much older foundation of gamers, and we demand that our voices be heard."

Although the protest group consisted of only seven members, Grognardi claimed that many more like-minded individuals had indicated that they would be arriving to join the protest.

"We're expecting about another 130 people," Grognardi maintained.

No residents of North Hakenslach, population 372, could be reached for comment. However, one person in a passing vehicle voiced his dissent to the protesters' loud message:

"Get a life, weirdoes!" he exclaimed as he sped by.


  1. No residents of North Hakenslach, population 372, could be reached for comment

    They're all thralls of the EHP!
    To arms! To arms!

  2. Let me tell, the subsequent brunch at the IHOP was a real thundering good time too!

  3. @Chgowiz: IHOP?? Figures... I'd have shown up if I'd known that. Unfortunately, someone told me there was going to be a boffer LARP in the park after, so I stayed away...

  4. Crap. I would have stayed had I known I could do lightning bolts for real. *sigh* Did the heavy metal guys bug you?

  5. No, not at all. But the duct tape's starting to come off my broadsword, and I just didn't feel like re-wrapping it.

  6. "The seven people"

    That got me.

    I love the picture, too, really sells the story. "My other sign is a vorpral sword" classic!

  7. that video really made me just want a beer instead...

  8. @Ragnorakk: I gotta hand it to those guys. If I had to make a suit of armor out of cans of beer I'd finished off myself, in a year I might have an aluminum codpiece. :P

  9. "We're expecting about another 130 people,"


  10. The Ubiquitous half-Orc is sorry she missed out on the fun... but she was having her annual facial and waxing.

    But she was there in spirit.

  11. @Jeff: I was wondering how many folks would catch the 130 (plus seven) connection. :D

    @Spike: As were most of us. (Um, there in spirit, I mean... not so much getting the facial and waxing. :P)


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