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It's a funny thing: when you've been using the same computer long enough, cleaning up your hard drive suddenly becomes like opening a time capsule - or maybe like opening presents on Christmas morning.

I've probably had the same hard drive in this PC for more than six years now. I've accumulated so much stuff on it in those six years that it's finally getting to the point where I have to start getting files off it just to keep the OS running smoothly. Since it's kind of a slow day, that's exactly what I've been doing: virtual spring cleaning, as it were.

In doing so, I've discovered a lot of stuff I forgot I had on here - I've even uncovered some stuff I forgot I had, period. Among the things that I forgot were on here are some of my old 3D renderings. They're nothing amazing, to be sure. Although I've done some professional-level 3D work over the last 12(?!) years, it's been mostly minor stuff - I don't consider myself to be a professional 3D artist by a long shot.

Regardless, creating digital art is something I enjoy doing, when I have the time to indulge myself - and I used to do quite a lot of said indulging. These are a few of my pieces that I was happiest with. They may not be the most polished works of digital art ever seen (they were, after all, created to amuse myself) but I had a lot of fun creating them. I thought that instead of just burning them to a CD and tucking them away where they'd never again see the light of day, I'd post them here.

This is a trio of 3D images I created as Halloween cards some time in the late 90's:

Hope you like!
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