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I'm way too busy at the moment to write a full post, but I just had to share this gem I came across this morning. Now, it's been a long time since I played with toys (aside from wargaming miniatures, if you include them in that category - and even then it's been a while) but I still thought these custom Dungeons and Dragons action figures were pretty awesome:


  1. Oh man, just as I start getting back to my "serious" homemade setting, this totally makes me want to write stuff up for Battle-Matic, my bizarro fantasy setting based on the action figure line.

  2. Two things - one, that link to those toys was awesome! I wish I had enough money to bid on things like this but I don't. The eye candy was worth it.

    Secondly, and this is the weird part, I owe you, good sir, a great deal of thanks. You see, you've solved a 20-odd year mystery for me.

    Back in the day, when I was an impressionable young lad watching the D&D cartoon, I saw an episode where an evil mage stood before empty ground and intoned in an eldritch voice the command of "RISE!". His lair rose from the ground. That was all I remembered, but since that time, I've rememberd that phrase and scene in my head. It's one of my weird things I'll do when I'm jokingly waking someone up, I'll stand and lift an arm in a Darth Vaderish sort of way and command "RISE."

    Anyway... when I saw the figure of Kelek, I realized he was the sorceror from the scene, so I did a search for him from the YouTube D&D Cartoon ... and at long last, I've found the scene, from the episode "Valley of the Unicorns Part 1":

    Mystery solved! (And this probably is one of the strangest comments you'll get for this post!)

  3. @Blizack: Not to distract you from your "serious" stuff, but Battle-Matic sounds cool...

    @Chgowiz: Two things: I know, right? And second, glad I could be of service. Even if I don't get any comments weirder than yours, I'll at least know I was able to help a fellow old schooler (or old guarder, or whatever the acceptable nom du jour is for us old farts). :D

  4. I like "Experienced Stud" best, but the Princess Wife would probably just roll her eyes...

  5. Yeah, while some labels - like "Old Schooler" - are generally acceptable to apply yourself, others - like "Experienced Stud" - are probably best given to you by someone else (preferably not your mom).

  6. others - like "Experienced Stud" - are probably best given to you by someone else (preferably not your mom).

    You win!


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