Bots and Hoops and Seps - Oh My!

Ah, Gamma World - how can you not love a game that has anthropoid rabbits and land sharks?

In the nuclear afterglow of yesterday's post, I got to thinking about the game - specifically, about the RAFM miniatures that inspired my first Gamma World campaign, if only via an ad in Dragon magazine. (You remember that little periodical, don't you?) I did some digging around, and finally found the ad in question. The miniatures were called "The Outcasts," and included such brilliantly named characters as "The Vicar," "Pinky the Eunuch," "Scary Mary," and of course, "Pongo Gutbag." (And given how inexpensive they were, I could kick myself for not sending away for them.)

I spent so much time ogling over these in the mid-80's that when I finally got around to running a GW campaign - albeit a brief one - in the mid-90's, it was only natural that I should include The Outcasts. The first few (and, as it turns out, only) game sessions of the campaign revolved around Pongo Gutbag and his band of flunkies. The PC's were recruited to infiltrate Gutbag's palace and retrieve an artifact. I thought I'd share with you the maps I made for the Massive Overlord's palace.

Page 1: An overview of the palace grounds and immediate environs, complete with mutated rice paddy and nuke-pear orchard:

Page 2: Detail maps of the out-buildings:

Page 3: Detailed map of the main building:

Page 4: The Thing What Lives in the Moat (if the nasty, irradiated water doesn't get you, this certainly will!):

. . . . .