100 Character Names from an Unexpected Source

I'm still very busy, but I feel I'm neglecting my duties as a blogmaster, so here's a little something to keep things rolling.

Anybody who's posted a comment or two (or three or one hundred) on a blogger.com-driven blog has had to contend with the "Visual Verification" security feature. Those of a gaming bent have more than likely noticed that often times these nonsensical words are strongly reminiscent of Gygax-era NPC/pregenerated-PC names. I certainly did. (Please tell me I'm not the only one...)

And I thought to myself: Somebody should collect a bunch of these and put them in a numbered list, so DM's can use them on-the-fly. That would be cool.

Well, I got tired of waiting for someone cool to do it. So, without further ado, here are 100 character names, culled from blogger.com's "Visual Verification" feature:

01 Dulkoff
02 Mingl
03 Turmun
04 Undle
05 Gersatte
06 Cranta
07 Leati
08 Abideli
09 Cyportro
10 Faciree
11 Palimati
12 Sasel
13 Slatter
14 Berepreg
15 Whisteer
16 Thill
17 Claterp
18 Theorta
19 Versi
20 Fingi
21 Pargeba
22 Florex
23 Amettlec
24 Tersu
25 Multo

26 Dymet
27 Sumenth
28 Wilipa
29 Spurch
30 Glyrob
31 Upetar
32 Penfulin
33 Bleng
34 Telin
35 Nurkind
36 Heaphe
37 Enticu
38 Ingswi
39 Nolles
40 Cozymal
41 Fonizan
42 Bionche
43 Finsor
44 Hoome
45 Sters
46 Larassec
47 Squiter
48 Boractu
49 Ophopa
50 Zatteraw

51 Lisess
52 Ponati
53 Whaki
54 Bilab
55 Tesec
56 Spier
57 Dultin
58 Kiven
59 Shizer
60 Ineta
61 Bernall
62 Tenhermi
63 Coutorus
64 Caphotri
65 Abanulum
66 Amystal
67 Hanomite
68 Promero
69 Inxierna
70 Dersa
71 Saustili
72 Repnes
73 Twori
74 Fifien
75 Ratedi

76 Mingui
77 Prenche
78 Rinishim
79 Terrali
80 Resterc
81 Mories
82 Cudic
83 Emica
84 Hedig
85 Bucen
86 Calypti
87 Larti
88 Intenx
89 Rindle
90 Heestero
91 Tryng
92 Dalon
93 Alesin
94 Ornse
95 Kerce
96 Triesa
97 Slint
98 Rophyd
99 Jareson
00 Valesel

. . . . .


  1. *laugh* This was going to be Thursday's post, my collected captcha NPC names from the week:


    and now, swarl

  2. LOL! See, I just needed to be a little more patient. I guess great minds think alike. :P

    You're still going to post these, right? I was thinking: this would be a cool weekly post - after all, one can never have too many random character names. Right?

  3. I started a stockpile of Captcha names about a month ago..but I have not been doing quite as much replying...but..hey..here I am..so here's yet another name.:D

    In all honesty, that's one of the things I like about Blogger. The letter groups at least make sensible words. Heck, the ones on some of those social networks hardly look like they're written in Klingon.

  4. @Spike Page - I'll admit, I didn't collect these by posting comments. I cheated: I kept refreshing another blogger's comments page and grabbing the words I thought looked like Gygaxian names until I had 100 of them. :P If I were to have waited until I'd posted enough comments, I'd have been waiting for quite some time...

    I agree with your assessment of other word verification techniques. Although some of them might work as Gaelic names, what with all the consonants lumped together and such. (That's just a joke, Lili, if you happen to be reading this. Remember: I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing near you. :P)


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