Statement of Intent, Addendum

Okay, so I know I said in my Statement of Intent that this blog was going to be used as an interwebs distribution point for my home-brew game paraphernalia. And I am keenly aware that my last of couple of posts have strayed from that mission. So...

In an effort to keep things as accurate as possible around here, I'm adding this addendum to my Statement of Intent:

Addendum A
Aside from using this blog to purvey my game-related goodies unto you, my fellow gamer geeks (or simply gamers, as I know there are those out there who refuse to accept the "geek" moniker, however appropriate it may be), I may - at my discretion - use it to wax poetic... or nostalgic, or any other "ic" I see fit to wax.

(As I see it, putting up with a little game-related blather isn't such a high price to pay for anything else you might find useful around here. Right? Right?? I can't hear you...)


  1. RIGHT!

    Love the background, btw.

  2. Ah! A lone voice breaks the silence! :P Thanks - and glad you like the background. :)


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