Look! Up in the Sky! It's...

...another character sheet! [The crowd cheers.]

Okay, so I still haven't had the chance to scan any of my old D&D stuff. I don't have easy access to a scanner anymore, but I'm giving serious consideration to hijacking my son's new scanner this weekend... I'll be sure to keep you in the loop. (/wink) I also discovered, much to my dismay, that much of the electronic stuff I had hoped to post is on the hard drive of my desktop PC - which is buried somewhere in storage.


So, I've been rooting around a bit, trying to see what I still have access to that may be of interest - and I discovered this lurking on my hard drive: It's a character sheet for Villains & Vigilantes, the fifth RPG I owned.

Back in the day, I made a ton of characters for this game, but never played it in it's pure form. However, my nephew and I did, at one point, use it and TSR's Top Secret to make a mash-up of a game wherein semi-superpowered heroes hunted the supernatural. We only played this mutant of an RPG once, in a Fright Night-inspired scenario, but it was an absolute blast!

A decade later, I ran a short V&V campaign for my friend Terry (er, sorry - I guess that's "Theron" now) and had a great time with it. Most recently, I introduced the game to my fiancee and my kids, all of whom loved it. I blame the fact that we didn't play more games on my own HADD.

This character sheet was designed after seeing a home-brew sheet for Jeff Dee's V&V successor, Living Legends. I don't recall now who it was that created that sheet, but if you see this post, let me know and I'll be sure to give you proper attribution herein. Anyway, here's the sheet:

I also created a fillable version of this PDF, which does most of the math for you - you can download it here. (Please note: You cannot save changes to a fillable PDF unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, but you should be able to print it out with any changes intact.)


  1. Actually, if you have the free PDF reader "Foxit" you can save changes to a fillable PDF - something I didn't know until I had been using Foxit for a while.

  2. That's good to know - I've only ever worked with the full version of Acrobat, so I have no experience with third-party PDF tools.

    Thanks for the tip, Paradox!


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