... And Something a Little More Old-School

My fourth RPG: TSR's Star Frontiers. (This was before it was known as Star Frontiers - Alpha Dawn.)

I never really got into it when I first bought the game. It was too... not-what-I-wanted-from-my-space-opera-RPG. Too low tech, too dirtside-centric, too lacking starship rules. /sigh

I loved the Elmore cover, though! (Alpha Dawn version follows - couldn't locate a decent scan of the blue-box cover.)

It's still one of my favorite Elmore pieces today, and never fails to inspire me with the urge to run a full-on, damn-the-physics-to-hell, space opera game. (Which I tried with a heavily house-ruled Star Frontiers earlier this year, thus the newer character sheet.)

There may be a few extra boxes on this one for house rule content, but nothing that would interfere if you want to run a vanilla game of SF:


  1. Love. Have you looked at the newer Savage World's conversion of the rules? I've run a con game based on that and it works very well. The SW rules are written in a PDF that looks like the original book as far as art and layout, just with modern SW rules instead.

    Here's a little bit of the game I ran: http://www.supernovembergames.com/distressonll928/


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