Don't Call It a Comeback

 So, as we're deep in the throes of Halloween season, which means horror gaming roun' these parts, it's time for me to post something seasonal. But this one's not roleplaying related - well, not technically anyway.*

This is more of a PSA to let readers who might be interested know that I've resurrected my tabletop miniatures gaming-based blog, A Hard Won Thing. And, apropos of the season, I've done so with a game of supernatural madness and mayhem. 

Feel free to creep on over and check it out...

*I say "technically" because as most of us well know, RPGs have their foundation firmly routed in miniatures gaming. To further muddy these waters, the game we played in the post in question involves a healthy dose of character development - possibly more than one would have often found in play in the first RPG in the mid-seventies... so, yeah, "technically."


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