In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future There Is Only...

...Art that looks like it's advertising a '90s Saturday morning cartoon.

"Look out, Captain Goodheart - it's Skullotron!"

I'm seriously looking forward to 9E - I like 8E a lot and like the things I've heard about the new edition.

But I really hope this is:

a) Not reflective of the style of art they're going toward for the game, and
b) Just a fad that they'll soon outgrow.

*Image property Games Workshop - used here in parody context.


  1. WTF? Is this a joke post?


    1. I'm surprised you missed the GW marketing machine - it's grinding away at full steam. 9E is imminent... some people are predicting September; GW says "a few weeks." But it's coming! (If the planet doesn't explode, or fall to an alien invasion, or befall some other next-level catastrophe...)

  2. I ended my relationship with 40K shortly after I picked up 3E...and it was immediately supplanted by 4E.

    1. I feel ya. I actually bailed when 3E came out. Got the 3E boxed set when it was released and it was such a drastic departure from 2E (and even more from my beloved Rogue Trader) that I had no interest in playing it from then on. 8E drew me back in - not because it's like those earlier editions but because its lite-r rules system really appealed to me. Unfortunately it was just a little too lite - some of the rules were simplified to the point of making no sense. ("My Land Raider can be trapped in place by a handful of grots??") It sounds like 9E's going to fix some of that...


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