From the Vault: Temple of the Moon-Worshippers

I ran some real Monty Haul games back in "The Day," (aka the early '80s) but it seems like I wasn't much better during my mid-90s Dungeons & Dragons renaissance - in fact, I may have even been worse.

I was glancing through this dungeon while compiling the scans, and I realized just how much the treasure-to-hazard ratio is skewed. Heck, in one room, there's a gem worth 20,000 gp and the only thing guarding it is a giant spider. It's practically a giveaway. I almost think I made this dungeon solely to pump up low level characters. (Something I was known to do when we just needed to get to higher level play.)

It's also possible that this was just a victim of poor dice rolls, as it appears to be one the many dungeons I created in the '90s using the random dungeon creation rules (from Moldvay Basic D&D, I believe, with the treasure tables from the Rules Cyclopedia). I tended to let the dice fall where they may, and it wasn't unheard of to have rooms with nothing in them but treasure.

Either way, I wouldn't recommend running this dungeon as written - it could use a little beefing up, even if just by adding some really challenging wandering monsters.

Anyway, here's another from my mid-90s BECMI D&D campaign: the Temple of the Moon-Worshippers:


  1. These are great! I live finding my old stuff that I've forgotten about and remembering why I created it and where I was when I created it.

    I just recently came across an old recipe box full of index cards with an NPC on each one, with stats and a "history/aims" section, and they all kind of tied together to make the basis outline of a campaign setting. I'll be posting about them soon.

    Looking forward to more posts from you!

    1. Thanks, Martin! Can't wait to see that post!

      I definitely need to post more - just haven't been "feeling it" lately, if you know what I mean...

  2. Totally understand. Hopefully you'll get back into the swing of things soon. I've had some setbacks in my work lately and usually when that happens I have no incentive to do anything but this time I've been really focused on writing more blog posts and also creating new material "behind the curtains."

    Cheers and all my best to you!


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