From the Vault: Dragonpeak

Here's another dungeon - I use that term very loosely here - from the 90's. The reason I use the term so loosely is that this isn't a dungeon in the standard sense of that term (and definitely not in the true definition of the word). It's really a lair - for a nasty old dragon (with a very uninspired name).

You'll see two sets of stats on this: one for BECMI D&D (we were playing with the Rules Cyclopedia when I created this in 1994) and one for Warhammer Quest (added much later, ca. 1999). But it's a dragon's lair - not a lot of work needs to be done to modify this for the system of your choice.

(BTW: The second set of stats is for Warhammer Quest Roleplay. I love WHQ, and I'm still a bit smitten with the idea of doing a WHQ Roleplay campaign. Maybe someday...)
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  1. Nice work! I'm envious that you've kept those. At the end of 1985 when I finished high school, I put all of my childish D&D things into the bin. 20 years later I started collecting them again, and 30 years later I finally played again. My maps were never as good as yours.

  2. Thanks, Glenn! I was very careful to preserve my homemade gaming materials, even when I packed away my hobby stuff in '86. I might not have kept them all if my hiatus from gaming hadn't been so short - a mere three years. I consider myself lucky - except for that brief period, I've gamed almost consistently since '81.

    As for the maps, they didn't start out looking like much - as you can see from some of the older ones I posted. It took a lot of hours of map-making just to get where I did. :D


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