Dungeons of My Youth: The Accurs'd Castle

This location was something I drew up shortly after seeing The Last Unicorn for the first time (on video, probably in early 1983). I recall really liking the idea of the old king haunted by his past, and drew a lot of inspiration from the concept of a seaside castle fallen under a Wuthering Heights-esque pall of doom and gloom.

So, moved by the Muse, I immediately set to work with my mechanical pencil, compass, and graph paper. The result is The Accurs'd Castle, an immense structure whose foundations are carved deep into the rocky cliffs of the Cold Sea, and whose handful of spires reach high into the gray sky above. It's an "empty" location - that is, aside from room labels, the castle maps are not keyed. Anybody wishing to use this has a blank slate on which to work.

. . . . .


  1. So cool that you have this still! I love finding these kind of old maps and adventures from my early days in the hobby that I've forgotten about. Lots of times they are still full of good inspiration. Cheers!

  2. Thanks, Martin!

    When do we get to see more of your stuff "from the early days"? ;D


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