Against the Lord of the Pit - Meet the PCs: Galerion Silverhart, Tree of the Elves

As promised, here's Galerion Silverhart:

Galerion as he appeared 6 levels ago

Galerion was a late entry into the campaign. His player is also the player of Goroth Snowmane. A few sessions into the campaign, as some of the history of the central conflict (Against the Lord of the Pit) began to come to light, it became apparent that although there was a huge amount of drama involving the Plains of the Pale, the North, and the giants, there was  more drama involving the elves' struggles against the demon-lord. There were tales and legends going back many centuries, but perhaps one of the most noteworthy events was the Wasting of Galenorn, the name given to the fall of the greatest elf city in the Western Glades to a vast army led by the forces of Iuz (but almost certainly supported/controlled by the Lord of the Pit).

Goroth's player, being the drama hound he is, wanted to play a character that could be a part of that story line, so I agreed to let him create a second player character. Thus Galerion was born. He is a son of Galenorn (technically, the nephew of the city's king, Moordow), and was there at its fall several hundred years ago. He and his wife, Moorwen, stood in defense of the great city, and she fell fighting at his side. He saw his infant daughter, Indileva, safely away - or so he thought - with his cousins, the prince Talisul and the princess Ilmarien, and their guards. Unfortunately, a force of orcs fell upon the fleeing royal caravan, and the survivors were scattered to the winds.

Prince Talisul was found and raised by a group of elves who protected his identity. Princess Ilmarien (Hildy's mother) was found by rangers fleeing the fallen city who did not know her identity; she was taken to the east to be raised as Triast. It was many decades before her true identity was discovered. (Unfortunately, she had fallen in love with Hildy's father, Olgar, and was pregnant when the crown of the elves was thrust upon her.) Galerion survived the battle and was one of many hundreds of Western Glades elves to be cast into the elven diaspora. Before being forced from his beloved city, he secured a seedpod of the Silver Tree, the cultural heart of the Western Glades (and which was burning as he fled the city). The fate of his daughter, Indileva, is still unknown.

Galerion stayed close to the Glades, however. His single-minded goal over the passing centuries has been to reunite the western elves and to see Galenorn restored to its former glory. He's spent that intervening time seeking his lost daughter and his father, Denid, who's been missing since before the Wasting, gathering as many of the scattered western elves as he could, and trying to discover the fates of all the members of the royal family.

Galerion was in the lands northwest of Greyhawk when he heard that the prince, Talisul, had been encountered near the city. He immediately gathered his best rangers and set out for the city. He arrived and found the High Castellan leading a force of the city's men-at-arms north. He followed to see what the Lord of Greyhawk was up to, and watched him and his men ambush and capture a group of people that were apparently led by a pair of human teens - a white-maned Northman and a blonde human sorceress. It was apparent from the exchange Galerion overheard that the High Castellan was up to no good (possibly even acting on behalf of the Lord of the Pit), so he and his men followed the expedition as they marched southward with their prisoners. When the time was right, his men ambushed them (using illusion and sleep spells) and freed the prisoners.

He soon learned that the sorceress, Hildy, was searching for her uncle, Talisul, so that she could reunite him with her mother, Ilmarien, now queen of the elves. For the first time in many decades, Galerion's dream of the Western Glades elves to be reunited and their great city restored seemed like a very real possibility...