Swords Against Sorcery: Meet the Protagonists

As promised, here are the player characters in my pulp-/weird-/science-fantasy/planetary romance game, using a slightly modified version of TSR's amazingly fun pulp rules set, Buck Rogers High Adventure Cliffhangers:

Cynndra, Princess of Tredakia, Captain of the Lizard-Fliers, Priestess of the Mystic Ways

From a kingdom in a jungle land filled with dinosaurs, Cynndra is sole heir to the throne and captain of that kingdom's squad of elite flying-lizard riders. She's of the royal bloodline, said to have mixed with the ancient and enigmatic race of lizard-men that preceded humans to her lands. As such, she's also the spiritual leader of her people, keeper of the mystic ways shared with humans by the lizard-men since time immemorial. Cynndra fell asleep in her bed and awoke in a strange land, chained to an altar and about to be violated and sacrificed (not necessarily in that order) by a horde of ape-men.

Var of the Stormlands, Var Kinslayer, Var Hagsbride

A pariah, the brooding swordsman, Var, fled from his Viking-like homeland because of the pain and suffering he inflicted on his loved ones, thanks to the cursed sword and armor to which he's irrevocably bound. Var traveled beneath the wall of ice-tipped mountains that surround his realm and emerged in a desert, under different moons and stars. His first encounter with "intelligent" life in these barren wastes was when he saved a woman from being sacrificed by a group of brutish men.

John "Doc" Vandal, Man of Amber, Earth Man

Product of  his scientist-father's biological enhancement experiments, Doc is a near-perfect specimen of the pinnacle of human potential fulfilled. While exploring a newly discovered Egyptian tomb (circa 1937) with his ever-present team of cohorts, there was a sudden, bright flash. When Doc opened his eyes, he was in a strange chamber where a robed and veiled sorcerer dominated his will and forced him to attack a barbaric swordsman and his lovely, regal companion. Fortunately, Doc was able to overcome the sorcerer's spell and the three joined forces to put an end to the demonic sorcerer's depredations..

Coming up next time: Swords Against Sorcery: Skull Temple of the Brown Men!!!

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  1. Thanks, Micheal! Of course, as far as the characters' backgrounds go, you guys did all the real work. I'm just the guy who writes shit down. :)


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