This Makes Me Want to Play Some Gamma World

Found this in an old (circa 1986) Challenge magazine*:

Rest assured: when I once again pick up the mantle of Gamma World GM, this cool dude and his horn-nosed ride will make an appearance...

*Remember when the hobby was graced with such wonderful magazines as Challenge? And Shadis? And White Wolf? Ah, now those were the days of heady adventure!

. . . . .


  1. Rhinoriders always ride single file to hide their strength and numbers

  2. @James: Oh yeah - and I hope it does well. But if I were to spend anything on MA at this point in time, it'd be on a print copy of the original rules on Lulu. (Unfortunately, my gaming budget is less than $0 these days, so I just hope that Lulu product doesn't go anywhere in the next few months...)

  3. I love looking at those old adverts!

  4. Does that mean Zumie Blu can come out and play?

  5. @Lili: Unfortunately, she's stuck halfway to the moon - and in a storyline that involves two other players. I don't see any way to extract her from either of these gracefully. There might be an opportunity at some point for Strawberry Fanta to make an appearance, however.


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