There's a New Rust Monster Coming to Town

Actually, a pair of 'em!

Otherworld Miniatures - purveyor of excellent old-school minis - is planning a mid-March release of a two-mini set of rust monsters. I must be slipping, because I wasn't aware of this. I have to thank Richard Scott for the friendly heads-up about it.

I'm getting a bit ticked off at Otherworld - their stuff is just too good to pass up! Now I have yet one more set to add to my seemingly-ever-growing Otherworld-ly wish list. First, those amazing pig-faced orcs. Then, the demon idol. And now, this...

When will this madness end?
. . . . .


  1. OMG. What's next? Carrion Crawlers?

  2. Carrion crawlers would be good (considering my opinion that Wizards has not managed to do a decent treatment of them yet).

    Wait, no - that would be bad, because then I'd have to add one more set to my list! :/

  3. They do have some great stuff. Their bugbears look very cool.

  4. Otherworld Miniatures...must resist...must resist....

  5. Daddy G - DON'T resist. I've got quite a few OW now. The quality is excellent, with little or no flash either. They have just set up a deal to do miniatures for Labyrinth Lord, mostly just current releases in Boxes with a Scenario - but there will be some new Miniatures too!


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