Dark World Campaign Setting: A Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at the map I'm working on for my home-brew Swords & Wizardry campaign setting, Dark World:

. . . . .


  1. Empire of Dust sounds pretty darned cool, Christopher. :)

  2. @Lord Kilgore: Thanks!

    @Timeshadows: Thanks. :D You can't see the full name, but it's actually: "Ancient Azagir, Empire of Dust." Here's a snippet from the in-development gazeteer:

    "Believed to be the oldest civilization in the Known World, the thousand-year-old 'empire' of Azagir consists of no more than a half-dozen walled cities scattered throughout the desert known as 'The Desolate East.' The oldest of these cities, Ar-kem, the First City, lies deep within that waterless wasteland, the farthest east of any city in the Known World. Beyond it, the empty desert stretches hundreds of leagues to The End of the World..."

  3. I really like the map. It's very well done.


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