Scanning Project: Another One-Page Dungeon

As I promised in yesterday's post, this week's posts are all going to be dedicated to the one-page dungeon. In keeping with that theme, here's another one.

I drew up this "dungeon" during a brief flirtation with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I only managed to pull off a few sessions (all of them head-to-head with my good friend, Terry) before moving on to something else. I liked a lot about the game, and the sessions we had were a total blast, but ultimately it was just too crunchy for my taste. Each of our sessions were centered around/resulting from this dungeon, a skaven (WFRP's Chaos-tainted rat-men) lair, which came to be known between us as Skavenloft.

Since this dungeon's all about skaven, you won't find any Dungeons & Dragons stats here - this one is pure Warhammer.

. . . . .


  1. Been admiring your map style for a while now: 1 comment and 1 question:

    * you have got to have the most charismatic pen/pencilmanship I've ever seen!

    * don't your players play hell with the stairs, throwing enemies down etc? (many of your locations feature quite a few twisty stairs)

  2. @Anonymous:

    1. Thanks! Sadly, my handwriting these days is nowhere near as pretty as it was 15+ years ago, thanks mostly to computers (i.e. a combination of lack of use due to doing most of my mapping on the PC, and the onset of carpel tunnel syndrome.)

    2. Can't say as I ever found this to be a problem. It may have put PC's at an occasional tactical advantage/disadvantage, but I don't recall any abuses or other problems arising as a result. (I do, however, recall an amusing instance in which a magically trapped step resulted in a higher-level "Monster Summoning" spell being triggered a half-dozen times or so before the players realized the cause - and that the solution was to simply avoid the step in question. Of course, after the first two times the trap was triggered, successive triggers were the result of PC's stepping on the triggering rune during combat. What a Charlie Foxtrot that turned into! :D)

  3. Village of Hommlet really left a mark on a lot of us over the years. There's a little bit of the Moathouse in so many classic home-made dungeons - my own included.

  4. Good catch! At first I didn't know what the heck you were talking about - I wasn't even aware how much I'd channeled the Moathouse here. :P

    This isn't the only time, either. I must have done this a half-dozen times if I've done it once. In fact, next week's scanning project post, Lair of the Warlock, is another fine example of such mediumship.

  5. Chris,

    Another great map, but I do have a question, as there is no map key:

    What are the circles of tiny circles? Cages?

  6. @Timeshadows: Thanks - and those, IIRC, are supposed to be fire pits. (Oh, and in case it's not obvious, the secret entrance in the north-east tower opens onto the stairs south of The Black Bog. Also, those aren't stairs over The Black Bog - that's a rope bridge.)

  7. Chris,

    Thanks for the addl. info. :)

  8. Skavenloft is a freakin awesome name!
    Another great map

    Word Verification: ingibbew

  9. @lokipan: I don't know how amusing other folks will think it is, but Terry and I got a real kick out of it. Of course, we may just be easily amused... :P


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