Oh, Look: Another One-page Dungeon

I bet you thought I was out of one-page dungeons to post, huh?

Well, perish the thought. I'm sure I've got many more of these lurking in my game folders. And since I still haven't gotten the Underlord of Cold Mountain setting notes scanned, today's post features yet another of these creations.

This 1PD from my scanning project is something I apparently made for use with the Warhammer Quest Roleplay rules - which would probably make its creation date somewhere between 1997 to '99. I've mentioned WHQ Roleplay before (and even posted a character sheet for use with it), but for those of you not in the know: Warhammer Quest is - IMHO - one of the best games to ever come out of the dark realm that is Games Workshop. It is almost certainly one of the best dungeon-crawling board games ever, if not the best. (The fact that it's a cooperative, GM-less dungeon-crawler is what really puts it over the top.)

WHQ can be played as a straight-up board-and-miniatures game, but its main book also includes rules to adapt the game to role playing. In this capacity, its roots as a board game definitely show, but it looks a lot like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Lite.

The dungeon we have here is called Quest for the Chaos Idol. It's a straight-forward smash and grab, with the PC's attempting to retrieve the Mcguffin du Jour from a lizardman-infested burial mound sitting deep in a swamp:

. . . . .


  1. Oh, man.... Don't stop now!

    These are great! I've spent the last several days tying several of these into my own campaign world.

    Did I tell you they were great?

  2. I'll do my best - I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of these sooner or later, though. :P

    Oh, and I think you may have mentioned how great they are. Thanks!


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